Pet Vaccinations

Safeguard Your Companion with Vaccines

Pet Vaccinations

Safeguard Your Companion with Vaccines

We believe prevention is the key to ensuring your pet’s long-term health and happiness. At Chase Oaks Animal Clinic, we offer a comprehensive range of vaccinations for cats and dogs in Plano and the surrounding areas. Our vaccination services are designed to protect your furry companions from various common diseases and keep them thriving.

Core Vaccinations: Essential Protection for Every Pet

Core pet vaccinations protect your companion’s health against highly contagious and potentially life-threatening diseases. For dogs, core vaccines include Rabies and DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza). These vaccines prevent severe illnesses and ensure your dog stays healthy. For cats, core vaccines include Rabies and FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia), offering protection against common feline diseases.

The Rabies Vaccine
Texas law requires rabies vaccination for all dogs and cats. This essential vaccine protects your pet from rabies and helps prevent the spread of this deadly disease to humans. At Chase Oaks Animal Clinic, we ensure that all pets receive their rabies vaccination in compliance with state regulations, keeping them and your community safe.

Non-Core Vaccinations:
Additional Protection for Specific Risks

In addition to core pet vaccines, we offer non-core vaccinations for pets with unique risk factors or lifestyle considerations. For dogs, non-core vaccines include Bordetella, Lyme, and Leptospirosis, providing added protection against diseases prevalent in specific environments or situations. For cats, non-core vaccines such as Bordetella, FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus), and Chlamydia felis offer extra protection against particular diseases based on individual risk factors. Your veterinarian will review your pet’s health history and ask questions about their lifestyle to make their best recommendations for which non-core pet vaccines may benefit your four-legged friend.

Keep Your Pet Safe from Common Diseases in Plano

Vaccinating your pet is one of the best preventative measures you can take for your beloved companion. Schedule your pet’s vaccination appointment today at Chase Oaks Animal Clinic! Same-day and drop-off appointments are available. Our experienced veterinarians will create a personalized vaccination plan, providing your pet with the protection they need to live a happy, healthy life.

Chase Oaks Animal Clinic offers pet vaccinations for cats and dogs in Plano, Allen, McKinney, Richardson, and the surrounding areas. Accepting new pet patients!

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